BelRoy's spirits & bottle-aged cocktails

BelRoy's bottle-aged cocktails

At BelRoy's, taste and experience are always paramount. We think it's important to give our cocktails a refined taste. By bottling cocktails, you get a better result than if you make the cocktail 'à la minute'. It's similar to a good pot of stew or spaghetti sauce that tastes better after it sits overnight. It is in this way that our popular BelRoy's Negroni, BelRoy's Vesper Martini and BelRoy's El Presidente were created.

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BelRoy's Negroni

"the italian aperitivo"

BelRoy's Negroni

1919, Florence, Italy. The athletic Count Camillo Negroni has a daily habit of drinking 20 American cocktails. When his doctor advised him to temper his alcohol consumption, he sought the advice of his favorite cocktail maker. Bartender Fosco Scarselli replaced the club soda from the Americano with gin, hoping that this would make Negroni drink less. However, the Count was so fond of this new brew that he ended up drinking 20 Negroni a day.

Bartenders touch

The aging process weakens the dominance of the alcohol, creating a smoother and richer flavor profile.

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Negroni moment

As an aperitif, on a sunny terrace or by a crackling fireplace. Serve neat or over ice. Or as Negroni spritz (1/3 BelRoy's Negroni + 2/3 Mediterranean tonic) for a super low alcohol refreshment.

With BelRoy's Negroni I guarantee our guests top quality in the glass

Benjamin De Buck (Restaurant Vrijmoed**, Gent)

BelRoy's Vesper Martini

"To spy or not to spy"

BelRoy's Vesper Martini

The Vesper Martini appeared in Casino Royale (1953), the first novel by Ian Fleming and unusually combines both vodka and gin. This makes the 'Vesper' the historic link between the gin-based Dry Martini and the Vodka Martini.

Bartenders touch

Floral and citrus notes make for a more complex Martini cocktail. BelRoy's Vesper Martini invites you on a fascinating journey of delicate flavours.

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Vesper Martini moment

At the blackjack table, at a garden party or just while watching your favorite movie. Also nice and refreshing with tonic.

The perfect balance and quality is just impressive

Erik Lorincz (legendary bartender in London)

BelRoy's El Presidente

"decadence in a glass"

BelRoy's El Presidente

The El Presidente was first served in Havana in 1919 in honor of Cuban President Menocal. It became one of the most popular cocktails among American tourists in Cuba during Prohibition. Hence the nicknames "Aristocrat of Cocktails" and "Cuban Martini".

Bartenders touch

The combination of BelRoy's Rum and white vermouth makes this forgotten classic a popular bartender's favourite.

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El Presidente moment

Puur als digestief bij een zoet dessert of over ijs. De President's Cup (1/3 BelRoy's El Presidente, 2/3 Elderflower tonic) biedt een mooi laag-alcoholisch alternatief.

Het gebruiksgemak en de kwaliteit van BelRoy's is absolute meerwaarde

Tim van der Valk (Van der Valk hotel, Beveren)