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BelRoy's spirits

To make sure we have complete control over the taste and texture of our drinks, we distill our own spirits at BelRoy's. We believe that a good cocktail starts with the ingredients. And that's how our own BelRoy's gin was born, which works perfectly for any gin cocktail, from Aviation to Dry Martini. In addition, we have also added BelRoy's vodka and BelRoy's rum to our spirits list.

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BelRoy's Gin

"Generously complex"

BelRoy's Gin

BelRoy's Gin is a London Dry style of gin with a complex flavor profile. BelRoy's London Dry exhibits striking notes of juniper and citrus with floral hints and a long complex finish.

Bartenders touch

The mix of 14 individually distilled botanicals results in a balanced, elegant and above all delicious gin.

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BelRoy's Gin moment

Perfect with friends, until late after midnight.

Finally a gin that is truly innovative

Viki Geunes (Restaurant Zilte***, Antwerp)

BelRoy's Rum

"Life is a beach"

BelRoy's Rum

BelRoy's Rum is a blend of both young and predominantly 5yo rum from Trinidad (vanilla, coffee, cocoa) with funky high ester Jamaican rum (tropical fruit, citrus, spice). This blend makes BelRoy's Rum not only a very attractive nipp rum, but also the perfect match in all rum-based cocktails.

Bartenders touch

A mix of different styles, islands and ages turns the best of both worlds into a striking flavor bomb.

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BelRoy's Rum moment

Rock 'n roll in a glass, even with a book or on a deserted beach.

A flavor bomb that I enjoy working with

Francesco Ravo (La Pharmacie Anglaise, Brussels)

BelRoy's Vodka

"Straight with an attitude"

BelRoy's Vodka

BelRoy's Vodka is a bold blend of soft French wheat flour and aromatic Belgian rye distillate.

Bartenders Touch

The addition of rye to neutral wheat-based alcohol creates a vodka full of character and with a natural taste.

BelRoy's Vodka moment

Ideal for parties and unforgettable moments. Pure BelRoy's Vodka is appreciated by fervent whiskey drinkers. In addition, it is also the ideal basis for all your Vodka cocktails.

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The first vodka that grabs my interest, by bringing flavor, with a profound feeling. Never before have I had this experience!

Nick Bril (Restaurant The Jane**, Antwerp)