Welcome at BelRoy’s Bijou

Hidden in a classic townhouse in the shadow of the Museum of Fine Arts, you can enjoy the best cocktails in BelRoy's first bijou'ke.

Graaf Van Egmontstraat 20 - 2000 Antwerpen
Open every day from 17u00
Parking: Q-Park Kooldok

Meet the team

Joeri Visser?

Joeri Visser

Joeri is our Dutchman behind the bar at BelRoy's Bijou. He started as an intern five years ago and has since grown into a connoisseur of cocktails & spirits. In 2022 he won third place in the Nikka Perfect Serve competition and first place in the Tio Pepe Challenge in Belgium. Joeri has a passion for combining unexpected flavors into a delicious drink to surprise our guests.

If you go to the bar, make sure you find Joeri in a good mood, because his favorite cocktails and spirits depend on it!

Yarno Soelaimansjah?

Yarno Soelaimansjah

Yarno has been behind the bar at Bijou from the start. He loves interacting with guests and creating cocktails. Looking for the perfect cocktail to match your mood? Yarno can conjure up the perfect drink with just a few words. Whether you're looking for a classic cocktail or something unique, Yarno is sure to have something to suit!

Favorite cocktail: Old-fashioned
Favorite spirit: Gin

BelRoy's Negroni Spritz
BelRoy's Bijou
BelRoy's Bijou entrance