• "Straight with an Attitude"

    BelRoy's Vodka is a daring mix of soft French wheat flour and aromatic Belgian rye distillate.

    Bartenders Touch:

    The addition of rye to neutral alcohol based on wheat creates a vodka full of character and with a natural flavor.

    BelRoy’s Vodka Moment:

    Ideal for parties and unforgettable moments


    Key Facts

    • Smooth French wheat alcohol, charcoal filtered for 6 hours
    • Aromatic Belgian rye for body and flavour = BARTENDER’S TOUCH
    • Ultra soft water
    • Bottled at 40,0% ABV
    • Belroy's Vodka is created to be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails

    Tasting notes

    • Aroma: grain, lemon, grapefruit zest, apple, lavender, pepper, fennel, cake
    • Palate: grain, lemon, apple, violet freshly baked bread, liquorice, walnut


    BelRoy’s Rum is a blend of both young and mainly 5 YO rum from Trinidad (vanilla, coffee, cocoa) with funky high-ester Jamaican rum (tropical fruits, citrus, spices). This blend makes BelRoy’s Rum not only a very attractive sipping rum, but also the perfect match in all rum based cocktails.

    Bartenders Touch:

    The blend of two different styles/isles of rum and ages turns the best of two worlds into an exciting flavour bomb.

    BelRoy’s Rum Moment:

    Rock ’n roll in the glass, even with a book or on a deserted beach…


    Key Facts


    • Aged rum (ex-Bourbon barrels) up to 5YO from Trinidad


    • Young & fruity rum from Trinidad


    • High ester Jamaican pot still rum from Monymusk, Worthy Park & Hamp  den Estate for maximum body and flavour = BARTENDER’S TOUCH


    • Bottled at 40,0% ABV


    Tasting notes


    • Aroma: candied pineapple, dried mango, ripe banana, marzipan, cardamom, coffee, muscovado, vanilla


    • Palate: fresh pineapple, raisins, almond, peppermint, cocoa, cappuccino, butterscotch

  • "Generously Complex"

    BelRoy's Gin is a London Dry style of gin, with a generous and complex flavor profile. BelRoy's London Dry displays distinct notes of juniper, berry and citrus, with floral hints and a long and complex aftertaste.

    Bartenders Touch:

    The mix of 14 individually distilled botanicals into a well-balanced, elegant and above all delicious gin.

    BelRoy's Gin Moment:

    Perfect with friends, until late after midnight ...


    Key Facts

    • We have carefully selected top quality botanicals with the purpose of creating a gin that matches perfectly in all gin cocktails = BARTENDER’S TOUCH


    • 14 botanicals are composed around 4 cornerstones: 
      •     Foundation: juniper berry, coriander & angelica root
      •     Citrus: Amalfi lemon, grapefruit, Seville orange, bergamot & cardamom
      •     Floral: Roman chamomile, Orris root
      •     Herbal: carob, liquorice, grains of Selim & cinnamon 
      •     All botanicals are distilled separately (maceration or Carterhead)


    • Bottled at 43,4% ABV


    • BelRoy’s London Dry Gin is created to be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails


    Tasting notes


    • Aroma: juniper berry, coriander, grapefruit, apple, grapes, violet, pine tree, walnut


    • Palate: juniper berry, pepper, Amalfi lemon, grapefruit, violet, rose water, gingerbread

    BelRoy's Gin

    BelRoy's Gin Tonic