BelRoy’s standard for a good product is that you can enjoy it both neat and, for the spirits, in every cocktail. Our promise to you is that every BelRoy’s item has been developed with the highest standard of taste in mind. BelRoy’s team of awarded bartenders is very experienced in putting a tailor made taste in a glass. That’s why we feel that bartenders are fantastic distillers. At BelRoy's we start making your cocktail even before you order it.

Discover the bartenders touch of every drink on its respective webpage.

So, how do we do it?   We start with an idea to design a new spirit or bottled cocktail, we taste and taste again till we have a basis that we present to a small group of very critical people who provide us their feedback. We redo the process till the product passes the criteria of this first group. At that time we distil a small batch in a dedicated bottle that becomes available in BelRoy’s Bijou for a wider, neutral public. It’s only with that feedback we ultimately decide to bring a new BelRoy’s product to market. As for you, you just have to try and discover for yourself.




BelRoy’s stands for “designed and approved by Ben Belmans and Dieter Van Roy”, the founding bartenders of the company.


It's not easy for a spirit or a bottled cocktail to be allowed to carry the BelRoy's brandname.


BelRoy’s artisanal spirits and bottled cocktails created by award winning bartenders, distilled and bottled in Belgium with passion and care. Bartending and distilling are about sourcing the very best ingredients and blending them with respect to create a perfect balance. To be enjoyed in good company, or alone. Great for a party or with a great book, it’s all about giving you a great drink to celebrate your moment.


BelRoy’s is available in 70 cl bottles to reach our goal to serve a premium brand at a fair price. Too often we see small bottles, at elevated prices, with a mediocre product in the market.

The neck of the bottle has a small coloured strip. This strip helps bartenders to make distinction between the different bottles when working behind a bar as they might only see the top of the bottle.