BelRoy's Vodka


Straight with an Attitude


BelRoy's Vodka, designed to be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails

BelRoy's Vodka works perfectly in all the vodka based cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, vodka & Tonic, Lazy Red Cheeks, Moscow Mule, White Russian, Vodka Martini, ...


BelRoy's Vodka your perfect companion for a wild party.


BelRoy's - Celebrate your Moment !


Tasting Notes


Nose : grain, lemon, grapefruit zeste, apple, lavender, pepper, fennel, cake

Palate : grain, lemon, apple, violet, freshly baked baguette, liquorice, walnut, mildly sweet

Finish : long and warm with hints of pepper and citrus, muesli


Key Facts


Bartending and distilling are about sourcing the very best ingredients and blending them with respect to create a perfect balance.

Distilling is the ultimate form of simplicity in bartending.

We distill spirits from the point of view of the bartender.  

Smooth French wheat alcohol, charcoal filtered for 6 hours Aromatic Belgian rye for body and flavour = BARTENDER’S TOUCH

Ultra soft water

Bottled at 40,0% ABV

BelRoy’s Vodka is created to be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails

100% pure, we do not add glycerine