BelRoy's Rum


Life is a Beach


BelRoy's Rum, designed to be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails.

Matches perfectly in all of the typical rum cocktails such as Daiquiri, Mojito, Mai Tai, Cuba Libre, Piña Colada, Zombie, ...

BelRoy's Rum your companion for a laid back time.


BelRoy's - Celebrate your Moment


Tasting notes


Nose candied pineapple, dried mango, ripe banana, marzipan, cardamom, coffee, muscovado, cacao, vanilla pudding

Palate fresh pineapple, raisins, almond, peppermint, cacao, muscovado, cappuccino, butterscotch

Finish long, medium dry, muscovado, candied fruit, spices, vanilla.


Key Facts


Aged rum (ex-Bourbon barrels) up to 5YO from Trinidad

Young & fruity rum from Trinidad

High ester Jamaican pot still rum from Monymusk, Worthy Park & Hampden Estate for maximum body and flavour = BARTENDER’S TOUCH

Bottled at 40,0% ABV

BelRoy’s Rum is created to be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails

Mai Tai with BelRoy's Rum by Naushad Rahamat from Cocktails at Nine (Antwerp - Belgium)

For "It"s Aperotime" on Njam, Naushad selected BelRoy's Rum to make a Mai Tai.


  • 5 cl BelRoy's Rum
  • 3 cl Lime
  • 1 cl sugar water
  • 1 cl Triple Sec
  • 1 cl Almond syrup (orgeat)

For the sugar syrup:

  • 500 gr of water 
  • 500 gr of sugar


Make the sugar water:

Put 500 grams of water and 500 grams of sugar in a saucepan. Heat to the boiling point. Pour the syrup into a glass bottle and allow to cool completely.

Make the cocktail:

Collect all ingredients in a shaker with pilled ice and shake vigorously. Then pour the drink (with the ice cream) into a chilled tumbler glass.

If necessary, add more ice-cream and garnish with mint and a slice of dried lime.