BelRoy's Vesper Martini


To Spy or not to Spy


From Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale (1953).

A famous British spy sits at the poker table and asks for a custom made Martini that, unusually, combines vodka and gin. This makes the Vesper Martini the historical link between the gin based Dry Martini and the Vodka Martini.

BelRoy's Vesper Martini, you perfect companion for some posh excitement.


BelRoy's - Celebrate your Moment !

Tasting Notes



Nose: Bergamot, grapefruit, winey, lychee, rose water, daisies

Palate:   Grapefruit,    peppermint,    elderflower,   cardamom,    pine

Finish: Sophisticated with mainly floral and citrussy notes


Key Facts


BelRoy’s London Dry Gin, BelRoy’s Vodka, Kina Vermouth

Ready to drink cocktail

Aperitivo, digestif & food pairing

Bottled at 26,7% ABV

Each bottle has a label with the batch date and is individually numbered

Serve cold or on ice