BelRoy's Negroni


The Italian Aperitivo


The Negroni originated in Florence, Italy, in 1919.  Count Negroni drinks too much Americano cocktails (Vermouth, Bitter & soda) and asks his favourite bartender to mix something stronger so he would drink less.

Fosco Scarselli replaces the soda by gin, but Count Negroni still ends up drinking 20 Negroni’s a day.

BelRoy's Negroni, your companion for a perfect aperitivo moment.


BelRoy's - Celebrate your Moment

Tasting Notes


Nose: Pimento, cinnamon, lime zest, amarena, cherry, apple compote, gingerbread 

Palate : Dried orange, ripe red fruit, warm spices, gingerbread, bitter chocolate, coffee 

Finish : Long, medium bitter dry, mix of fruit and spicy notes


Key Facts


BelRoy’s London Dry Gin,  Italian Vermouth, Bitter.

Ready to drink cocktail

Aperitivo, digestif & food pairing

Bottled at 20,0% ABV

Each bottle has a label with the batch date and is individually numbered

Serve cold or on ice