Thomas is the youngest of the Belroy’s Bijou team. Being only 21 years of age. But don’t let his age fool you. Thomas has been interested in hospitality from a young age. He started studying "Hotelschool" when he was only 14 years old. He has done prestigious internships along the way in restaurant Nuance** (Duffel), restaurant Pastorale** (Reet) and even an international internship in Antibes, France.




At 16 years old Thomas picked up beer and brewing as one of his skills. He started brewing in his mother's garage and collecting all types of rare and unusual beers.

After his graduation Thomas also decided to study for sommelier. This way he could branch out his knowledge of drinks and further enforce his passion for the craft.

Thomas found out that Belroy’s Bijou was the ideal workplace for him. Here he could learn from the best, being thought by Dieter, Dries and Ben. Thomas strives every day to make the best cocktails and to learn from everyone around him. Gradually becoming better over time.


Belroy’s Bijou offers him a great way to show his passion and love for drinks towards every guest. Here people can find a place to come home to, a suiting atmosphere to have a nice drink and to relax.