Ben started bartending during his student time and developed a passion for authenticity, beauty and good things in life. After touring in different venues in the south of Europe he returned to Antwerp (SIPS) where he created, together with Manuel Wouters, the “Lazy Red Cheeks” Cocktail in 2004. During his time at LUX as Bar Manager he was the first Belgian to obtain the WSET Level 2 Professional Spirits Certificate in London. Ben has been a brand ambassador for Moët-Hennessy spirits and trainer for the Diageo Bar Academy. He’s also well recognized for his masterclasses (Venuez, Prague Bar Show, Super-bar Milano, Bar Convent Berlin, Prague Gin Fest, Antwerp & Paris Cocktail Festival) as well as a Judge for prestigious competitions (The World’s 50 Best Bars, European Bar Awards, TOTC)

Very soon during his bartending career he became interested in the underlying process of distilling. After all the first mix has already been put in the bottle bartenders use to create your cocktail. He became a graduated distiller before starting to put together the wonderful range of BelRoy’s Spirits and Bottled Cocktails. Ben’s goal is to bring a smile on people’s faces. “Nothing better than the twinkle in the eyes of people enjoying what you just created.” That’s why together with Dieter he created BelRoy’s Bijou, “a bar where you feel at home and where as a guest I would like to sit every evening. Just a good atmosphere with nice people but with drinks straight out of a Michelin star restaurant”

What other people say about Ben



De Standaard, België : “Ben Belmans, de godfather van de Belgische cocktail scène!”


Drinks International, UK : “Ben Belmans is one of the world’s leading experts on genever - definitely a fanatic!”


Mixology Magazine, Germany : “Belgian bartender Ben Belmans is a profound expert of the global bar scene.”